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Welcome Nora to The Hive! This is Nora, her mom Ashley, and big brother Jackson, along with one of our founders, Michele. 


At 2 days old, it was suspected that Nora was born with Stage 4s neuroblastoma and was officially diagnosed at 2 months of age. By the time the diagnosis was confirmed, it had already spread to her liver and her bone marrow. After receiving treatment, Nora relapsed at just 18 months old. She has endured 6 rounds of chemo, a stem cell collection and 2 stem cell transplants, 18 days of radiation, and 6 rounds of immunotherapy. Due to the location of her relapse tumor, she lost hearing in her right ear and has severe hearing loss in her left ear, requiring a hearing aid.


Nora remains an extremely smart, energetic, sassy, full of live 3-year-old girl who loves music, dancing, and Disney princesses! As of now, she is enrolled in a year long clinical trial called Neuroblastoma Vaccine trail at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in NYC. Nora is currently 10 months NED with scans next week. We are sending them well wishes for safe travels and clean scans!

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