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Bumble Bucks | Ordinary & Necessary Living Expenses

The mission of the Humble Bumble Project is to alleviate even the slightest amount of financial burden faced by pediatric and young adult cancer families so parents and caregivers can focus on family rather than finance. Bumble Bucks aims to provide eligible patients/families with financial assistance for ordinary and necessary living expenses incurred on a daily basis.  Please review our Fact Sheet for specific program details.



Bumble Bucks provides up to $1,000 in assistance providing all eligibility criteria are met over a 12-month qualifying period.  Requests are limited to one per patient. Subsequent applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors (BOD) on a case-by-case basis.  Potential approval of any initial or subsequent application/allocation is at the discretion of the BOD and dependent upon the availability of funds. 


Our Financial Assistance Request form is currently under development.  To submit a referral request, please contact us at

How to Qualify:

  • Patient must have a cancer diagnosis and be receiving active cancer treatment.

  • Patient must be 39 years old or younger.

  • Self-referral program accompanied by a letter from the patient’s oncology team verifying active cancer treatment status. 

*Referral must be completed entirely and truthfully with any false or misleading information resulting in an automatic denial.

*Meeting the qualification criteria of the application does not guarantee approval.

*Meeting the criteria of the application does not guarantee approval.

*Please provide as much lead time on travel dates as possible.

How to qualify

Applications are accepted for active patients of James P. Wilmot Cancer Center, Golisano’s Children's Hospital, Geisinger Cancer Center, Janet Weis Children’s Hospital, or UPMC – Hillman Cancer Center and will be reviewed in the order in which received with patients residing in Bradford, Lycoming, Potter, or Tioga (PA) counties taking priority.


Meeting the qualification criteria for either the Flight of the Humblebee or Bumble Bucks programs does not guarantee approval.  Approval of any application/allocation is at the discretion of the Board of Directors and is dependent upon the availability of funds.


The Humble Bumble Project reserves the right to change the program guidelines at any time without notice and to apply these guidelines at its reasonable discretion.

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